Three strategic alliances in the industrial sector

Sogeti High Tech is partnered with the three major technology leaders in the industrial sector: IBM, Microsoft and Dassault Systèmes. With these companies, we have developed shared solutions, in order to combine their knowledge in the area of standards with our expertise in highly specialised fields.

For our clients, this offers three kinds of benefits:

  • Access to communities of experts, to tap into our knowledge and that of our partners
  • Facilitated access to our partners' products and technologies
  • Ample access to all training programmes for products and solutions


A targeted network of solution partners

Thanks to its historical presence in numerous sectors with a high degree of added technological value – such as aerospace, defence and energy – Sogeti High Tech has a tight-knit network of specialised partners at its disposal for its technological expertise. These partners encompass several fields, such as: PDM – Product Data Management (Siemens, MSC Software), CAE – Computer-Aided Engineering (Altair, AlphaSTAR, ANSYS, MSC Software), Composite (AlphaSTAR).


Collaborations that drive innovation

Research is increasingly bringing together public entities, supported by public authorities, and enterprise groupings. Sogeti High Tech is a part of this dynamic, which uses industrial zones to harness competencies from fundamental and applied research, innovation and prototype and product development.

The Partners:

The "Institut supérieur de l’aéronautique et de l’espace" (ISAE), an aerospace engineering school in Toulouse, accommodates 450 researchers and engineers and 350 doctorate students. Founded in 2007 by a merger between the SUPAERO and ENSICA, the ISAE benefits from a network of 14,000 active alumni.

The IT Research Institute ("Institut de recherche en informatique" or IRIT) is a joint research unit between the French National Centre for Scientific Research (or CNRS) and the universities of Toulouse. The IRIT currently has 500 researchers, instructors and doctorate students in the field of IT.

Founded in 1857, the engineering graduate school "École Centrale de Lyon" (ECL) has 220 doctorate students, in six CNRS-approved joint research units.


Enterprise groupings:

Initiated by the Regional Council of Aquitaine and led by Thales Systèmes Aéroportés, Aetos is a grouping dedicated to drone systems. It comprises over forty companies, including Sogeti High Tech.

Fabrice Robert, Innovation Manager at Sogeti High Tech, is the Vice President of Robotics Place, made up of thirty companies and laboratories in the field of robotics located in France's Midi-Pyrénées region. Sogeti High Tech intends to contribute to the development of this segment of the future and is committed to a policy of co-innovation in the areas of multi-robot system autonomy and collaboration.


Competitive clusters:

Based in the French regions of Aquitaine and Midi-Pyrénées, this cluster serves as a centre for monitoring, economic intelligence and exchanges between the industrial sector and service providers. The areas of strategic activity promoted by the members of the Aerospace Valley are at the core of the current challenges in the aerospace sector.


Sogeti Group research institute:

VINT (Vision – Inspiration – Navigation – Trends) gives direction to the development of new technologies. This global research centre for the Sogeti Group conducts detailed analyses on innovative applications and on the impact of new technologies on companies around the world. This recognised added value of the research centre helps public and private-sector companies anticipate and prepare for future trends. VINT taps into the talent and creativity of its technology experts based in Amsterdam, Paris, Stockholm and Washington DC.

This research centre also recently published a report on the Internet of Things.

Universities, schools and training institutions:

The agreements concluded between Sogeti High Tech and its university partners bring benefits to the table for all of the parties involved. These joint projects also develop a breeding ground for young talent within the R&D department. The partnerships established encompass R&D studies, such as those conducted as part of an engineering programme, research projects conducted within the framework of doctoral theses, joint publications and participation in scientific events.

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