45 years of history in IT and engineering services

The name Sogeti has its roots in France and is the original name of the entire Capgemini Group, founded by Serge Kampf in 1967. "Sogeti" is an acronym for "Société de Gestion des Entreprises et de Traitement de l’Information", meaning the Information Processing and Enterprise Management Company. Until 1992, companies in the Cap Gemini group were called Cap Gemini Sogeti. This name was replaced by Cap Gemini and Cap Gemini Ernst&Young. In 2002, the Cap Gemini Group created a subsidiary called Sogeti to concentrate on the local-sourced IT and engineering services market. Its original workforce of 5,500 employees in 6 countries has now grown to 20,000 people in 15 different countries.

Group values embodied in a logo

The ace of spades was selected as the symbol of our company in 1967, when Serge Kampf founded Sogeti. The original logo was a square divided into four parts, the first three containing: SO, GE and TI. The famous ace of spades appeared in the last part.

According to the official story of the origin of the ace of spades in the logo, for 500 Euros a small Internet company in Grenoble proposed 3 logo ideas: one a bee, one a wheel and one the ace of... clubs (known in French as the "as de trèfle" or "ace of clovers", a symbol of luck and happiness). Serge Kampf rejected all of these proposals and chose the ace of spades, a symbol of unified strength, as it is the best card and suit in bridge.

Since then, the company has grown and changed names several times, but the ace of spades has remained in our logo and has become a unique distinguishing feature.

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