Innovation: the driving force behind our expertise

"For 45 years now, innovation has been the driving force behind the growth of the Capgemini Group and Sogeti. Sogeti High Tech has been a major player for over 25 years on the European engineering and technology consulting markets.

Sogeti High Tech has an international presence in all of the major dynamic regions. Our presence in France comprises nearly 4145 employees spread throughout the country. Through our organisation, we define ourselves as a global player capable of providing both technological experience and a project management model adapted to the competitive demands of all players in the industry all around the world. In Europe, we are one of the privileged partners of the aerospace sector. Sogeti High Tech has also established itself in the Defence, Energy, Telecom & Media, Transport and Life Sciences industries.

In order to better meet market demands, Sogeti High Tech has developed a broad knowledge base supported by its R&D department, High Tech Labs, a veritable breeding ground for innovations. We are developing and industrialising solutions with a high degree of added value in the areas of Digital Manufacturing.

With the integration of Euriware this year, Sogeti High Tech is primarily reinforcing its activities in the Energy and Industrial sectors and in areas such as connected systems, smart sensors and security.

In order to stay at the forefront, we plan to recruit women and men of high potential with excellent people skills. For Sogeti High Tech, technological innovation is both an area of expertise and a model for long-term partnerships with our clients."

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  • Walter Cappilati
    Walter Cappilati
    Sogeti High Tech Chief Executive Officer
    05 34 46 91 58


Sogeti High Tech and the Capgemini Group uphold many values: honesty, audacity, trust, freedom, solidarity, simplicity, pleasure and excellence.

Sport is also one of the values of Sogeti and the Capgemini Group.

Sogeti is a partner of the FC Grenoble rugby club.
Capgemini is a partner of the Biarritz Olympic rugby club.


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