A lasting commitment to responsibility

A lasting commitment to responsibility towards our clients, providers, employees, civil society and the environment: Sogeti High Tech acts responsibly towards society and the world around us.

We support concrete and practical initiatives with a positive impact in three areas: solidarity, education & employment and the environment. More particularly, our initiatives focus on micro finance, developing skills by promoting education and equal opportunities and the development of green technology solutions.

Our commitment in the areas of solidarity, education & employment and the environment is in line with the Code of Ethics and commitments of the Capgemini Group, which endorses the principles of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the fundamental principles of the labour code of the International Labour Organisation.

Measures taken in support of this commitment

Since 2006, when the diversity code was signed, Sogeti France has been committed to action with the aim of promoting technical competencies and conduct as the sole criteria for hiring and promotion.

Examples of initiatives:

  • Training of human resources and management teams in the challenges of diversity
  • Signing of an agreement to promote employment of persons with disabilities
  • Sogeti is a partner in the Universyntec initiative to promote equal opportunity and diversity in higher education.
  • Partnership with the "Nos quartiers ont des Talents" institute ("Our neighbourhoods have got talent") to sponsor young people from underprivileged neighbourhoods. 30 sponsors, 80 young people sponsored
  • Sogeti sponsors the Excellencia prize, an award for Female High Tech Engineers.
  • Signing of an agreement with the "Ecole de la Deuxième chance" institute ("Second-Chance Schools")
  • Development of skill sponsorship initiatives for institutes or partners committed to the employment of persons with disabilities.

For several years now, Sogeti has been a partner of PlaNet Finance, an international NGO, founded in 1998 by Jacques Attali and Arnaud Ventura, that is fighting global poverty by developing micro financing.

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