Our Human Resources policy is supported by functions and specialised standards. Sogeti High Tech uses these standards to define its orientations in terms of recruitment, training and professional development.

We build lasting relationships with our teams as well as a motiving environment where the human dimension prevails thanks in particular to implementation of HRP (Human Resources Planning). Sogeti High Tech also encourages respect for its strong diversity values amongst its employees.

Sogeti High Tech develops itself by developing its employees. Throughout our time together at Sogeti High Tech, you enjoy an annual career review enabling you to chart a course for your aspirations and interests, as well as those of the organisation.

The team members at Sogeti High Tech rally around 7 shared values, the founding values of the Capgemini group: honesty, audacity, trust, freedom, solidarity, simplicity and pleasure as well as 5 principles of action, which are proximity, passion, agility, expertise and conquest.


Company partnerships with educational institutions

Sogeti High Tech is committed to working every day to build constructive and concrete relationships with our target schools and universities. We write these relationships into the backbone of our recruitment strategy, with the aim of helping others discover and share in the company's values.

To guide future graduates towards employment, we must support them throughout their studies. Our managers, staff and recruitment teams are involved in developing and implementing initiatives to give students a working knowledge of our areas of specialisation. Conferences, workshops, round tables and maintenance simulations are organised at educational institutions in order to support students in their studies and prepare them for their internships or first jobs.

We are also in attendance at forums and trade shows organised by schools and universities. For our teams, this is a special opportunity to understand the expectations of the talent of tomorrow and guide them towards their professional life. We endeavour to stray from beaten path, in order to attract the attention of future graduates outside of formal functions.

Today, we work with a network of 30 schools and universities. We are partnered with some institutions through partnership agreements, enabling us to hold events that meet students' expectations, such as the visit to our site or sponsorship of sporting events.

Joining Sogeti High Tech will enable you to evolve in an international context within major companies in the energy, aerospace, air navigation, defence, railway or even telecom sectors and also to advance in your career in line with your skills and aspirations.

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  • Emmanuel Rétif
    Emmanuel Rétif
    Human Ressources Director


Numerous opportunities in the Engineering area !

More than 2000 recruitments in Sogeti in
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