The Sogeti High Tech training policy was drafted within the framework of a Human Resources Planning approach, featuring the following steps:

  • Identification of company orientations and strategic service offers
  • Identification of individual and collective needs
  • Implementation of strategic orientations and development of training catalogues and plans

Sogeti High Tech draws up its training plan annually.

Training is a key component of the human resources management policy at Sogeti High Tech. Developing competencies enables the company to carry out its strategy and meet the expectations of the market. In addition, it also allows employees to secure their career path by reinforcing their competencies and developing new knowledge in order to keep pace with developments in their area of expertise, or to even change careers.

  • Over 6300 training initiatives
  • Over 23,300 training days
  • 5% of payroll

Sogeti High Tech also offers high-level training courses in the Sogeti institutes, located in Issy Les Moulineaux and Toulouse.

The "Institut de Formation Sogeti" is a training institute that has been certified and contracted by the FAFIEC training body to provide training within the framework of collective initiatives.

Key advantages of the Sogeti Institute:

  • Our position as a leader in local-sourced IT and engineering services gives us perfect knowledge of your areas of specialisation.
  • Our hi-tech training centres are fitted out with the latest technologies, and are welcoming and accessible throughout France.
  • Internal and external service providers give courses on technical and technological advances.
  • Our training programmes set specific goals and offer practical real-world experience.
  • The instructors have proven experience and have recognised educational qualifications.
  • Our specialised consultants in curriculum planning and design have over 10 years of experience.
  • FAFIEC-certified training and internship programmes

For further information, please visit the Sogeti Institute website at:

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  • Emmanuel Rétif
    Emmanuel Rétif
    Human Ressources Director


Numerous opportunities in the Engineering area !

More than 2000 recruitments in Sogeti in
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