The challenge

Robotics is interested in situations with interactions between artificial systems and their physical environment, which may also include human operators. Our research takes the perspective of the artificial system, seeking to fit it out with mechanisms for perception, cognition, collaboration and action to enable optimal operation in a complex environment, which could be everyday situations as well as enterprises or production floors. Our services dedicated to large data volumes are supported by the competencies of 150 experts.

Optimise operation, generate income

Thanks to analytics, research and marketing firms are able to compare product design and manufacturing data with those from its actual functioning and analyse the resulting costs in order to optimise the life cycle and fuel the company's innovation strategy.

Thus, for instance, analytics optimises operational efficiency,generates new ideas and proposals and opens new doors, with a view towards growth in turnover.

Another feature of analytics is that, unlike simulation – which is based on scientific reasoning, with a great deal of mathematical equations and physics concepts – analytics falls more under empirical reasoning. In other words, this marks a major step forward in data management and processing methods, taking uncertainty into account.


Research project

Test engineers spend a significant portion of their time "juggling" between test data from physical sensors, analysers and digital simulators. While specialised solutions in data acquisition, analysis and management are in fact available, practically none of these covers the entire testing life cycle, from logging to evaluation and application of the test findings.

Leaving notes on a post-it, poster, sign or board is one of the more simple and direct methods that people use to communicate. Indeed, team meetings often need to use a white board to collect and organise ideas. Meetings of this kind often take place simultaneously, at sites separated by significant distances.


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