Since 2011, our company has been developing Cooperative Multi-Agent Systems (CMASs) and swarms of drones, with teams working in the areas of artificial intelligence, simulation platforms and modelling behaviours between entities. In an interconnected world, CMASs are at the forefront of the challenges for the industrial sector.

Recent developments in IT, such as the power of machines and distributed IT, have given fundamental importance to communication and coordination between autonomous entities – such as drones.

On the ground or in the air, these entities are called upon to act in a coordinated manner within the framework of different missions: search and rescue, fire monitoring and prevention, site surveillance, railway transport network and electrical grid monitoring (high-voltage lines, offshore wind turbines), inspection of engineering works and monitoring of nuclear power plants and "Seveso"-designated zones.

By harnessing its competencies in simulation, artificial intelligence and embedded software, Sogeti High Tech is developing models and prototypes capable of individual and collective autonomy in their actions in a swarm.

Fields of science involved

  • Artificial intelligence for agent decision-taking
  • Distributed artificial intelligence for distribution of execution
  • Distributed systems for interactions
  • Software engineering for the "agent" approach and development of increasingly autonomous software components
  • Communicating objects
  • Robotics and automation

Research project

Drone swarms and collaborative multi-agent systems

Autonomous and coordinated field agents
Drone colonies embody a project that is innovative both in form and in substance. Since 2010, our research has aimed to model and test the behaviour of drones that have to communicate with one another, within the framework of various support missions, with little equipment embedded and with limited autonomy.



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