Simulation enables us to study the development or behaviour of a part, material or actual system, without direct experimentation on these objects.

Applicable to almost all fields in the industrial sector, this substitution of the digital for the real provides a powerful driver of competitiveness by:

  • Expanding knowledge in industrial fields: calculation of structures, mechanics, systems, aerodynamics, fluid dynamics, thermodynamics, acoustics, thermomagnetics, digital production
  • Improving the reliability and predictability of the behaviour of systems over time
  • Reducing development time and costs as well as the number of actual trials needed to perfect products
  • Optimising risk analysis
  • Automating development cycles
  • Guaranteeing compliance with quality standards and regulations

Here, simulation followed the development of outsourcing, shifting over two decades from a simple logic of minimising costs to creating value.

All fields involved in simulation

Research firm

Drawing on over twenty years of experience, Sogeti High Tech France brings together over one thousand engineers who design, develop and use simulation systems applied to physical and software engineering. We serve as a partner research firm for our clients, capable of developing custom-tailored tools and delivering a full service package, from design to analysis of findings, including simulation calculations and models.

Innovation and expertise

These missions contribute to improving performance of our clients' simulation tools, providing them with multiphysics platforms, virtualising and optimising testing and refining network configuration tools.


Our company provides comparison services for tools and methods, validation of research and simulation policies, development of internal research divisions and engineer and developer training.

From theory to practice

Our company is continuously reinforcing its expertise in two aspects: that of research, and that of projects performed for our clients. In this endeavour, we are supported by competencies in algorithms, high-performance calculations, distributed architectures, parallelism, digital production and modelling, network configuration, virtual testing and flight, system and cockpit simulators.

Our global resources

We have an integrated digital research firm that supplies "turnkey" deliverables and five centres of excellence around the world:

  • Two in Toulouse, dedicated to research and software development
  • One in Aix-en-Provence, specialising in physical and software engineering
  • One in Hamburg, dedicated to structural studies
  • One in Bangalore, India, featuring all of these competencies

Research projects

  • G-MASS (Generic Multi Agent System Simulation)
    A promising Object market has arisen from an internal R&D project launched in 2012 in Toulouse. This market mobilises expert engineers in the areas of the Internet of Things and machine-to-machine (M2M) communication and is expected to achieve very impressive growth over the coming years.
  • Simulation store
    The objective is to provide industrial firms with a "simulation for all" platform, modelled after marketplaces for mobile apps, etc.



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