Whether you need to test embedded software, aircraft controls or digital decoders, the challenge is the same: you need to program different test scenarios and then repeat them hundreds of times before every release of a new version.

Hence the use of testing robots, capable of flawlessly duplicating the same sequences for hours on end, and thus detecting any anomalies in the software systems, web applications and control and supervision interfaces in navigation, transport, defence and energy.

Less time wasted, more added value

This way, validation engineers can spend their time on the testing strategy, scenarios and error analysis, rather than on conducting long, repetitive and onerous tests. Selection of the right tests to automate is a key factor in the success of an automation project. In addition to robots, an effective testing policy also requires test archive management and modelling tools.

Tapping into knowledge of logic, programming and automation, automated testing requires the creation of methodologies and rigorous management of documents and processes. Thanks to this, industrial firms can boost the reliability, quality and time-to-market of their new products and services. Moreover, automation also optimises non-regression tests during maintenance phases.

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