Performance validation research

Test engineers spend a significant portion of their time "juggling" between test data from physical sensors, analysers and digital simulators. While specialised solutions in data acquisition, analysis and management are in fact available, practically none of these covers the entire testing life cycle, from logging to evaluation and application of the test findings.

This was the motivation for perfecting EALIS: a fast, flexible and automated multi-source system. Its strength lies in its ability to unify all test sources: the tool is identical regardless of the work site and nature of the data used. EALIS is applied in complex or repetitive tests which require large volumes of data and are conducted over long periods of time.

All sources accommodated under a single interface

EALIS represents over 3,000 days of development.
The solution can be adapted to new test projects or inserted into ongoing testing. In both cases, it achieves:

  • A higher degree of adaptation to changes or incidents detected during the physical or digital trials
  • Faster and more reliable analyses of findings thanks to the transition to automated test scenarios

A living memory of tests

EALIS encompasses acquisition and processing of data that are more or less structured: digital, analogue, audio and video signals, test benches, simulators, aircraft in flight, prototypes, etc. This accelerates engineering work with a flexible interface in the form of curves, charts, needle gauges, etc. The data remain available after the test. When drafting reports, they are "replayed" if necessary, with a single mouse click.

EALIS constitutes a "living memory" for tests, based on knowledge in every specialised field. Its areas of application includes industry, transport, space, IT networks and multimedia.

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