A promising eObject market

has arisen from an internal R&D project launched in 2012 in Toulouse. This market mobilises expert engineers in the areas of the Internet of Things and machine-to-machine (M2M) communication, a market expected to achieve very impressive growth over the coming years.

eObject is a complete software platform which enables stationary or mobile objects in the field to communicate: vehicles, buildings, electrical household appliances, energy meters, notice boards.

The platform features both embedded software in systems deployed in the field and a centralised infrastructure. This server manages the flow of communication, supervises fleets of objects and accelerates the development of specialised applications with programming interfaces and web services.

Our team has developed a centralised system, embedded software agents and wired and wireless communication gateways. It works in partnership with manufacturers of open-source PCBs and communication boxes.

Service platform

eObject serves as middleware, enabling the activation of new value-added services: geographic vehicle and goods tracking, remote electricity consumption reading, building and equipment energy optimisation and remote maintenance and diagnostics for industrial machinery.

After this solution was featured in the Capgemini Sogeti Group's global "Intellectual property" catalogue, discussions were held with industrial firms in France, the United Kingdom and Germany, particularly in the sectors of home automation, electrical household appliances, healthcare and energy. In 2012, an initial "smart house" product was completed for an international audio/video company, with a complete framework study.

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