The G-MASS software platform reproduces smart system and agent behaviours in an interactive 3D environment in order to find the most suitable solutions. This involves simulating adaptive behaviours between different autonomous smart entities. In this way, G-MASS helps model a multi-agent system in a realistic physical environment, where the agents must work together to accomplish a mission.

The G-MASS platform was developed by the High Tech Labs research team with support from the company's in-house experts and those from outside partnerships, in particular within the
Robotics Place consortium based in France's Midi-Pyrénées region.

Benefits of the platform

By analysing the simulations it runs, G-MASS facilitates:

  • Design and validation of systems acting collectively
  • Innovation and integration of new technologies with fast prototypes for complex systems
  • Integration of systems developed by third parties (industrial firms, research labs, etc.)
  • Definition of an interactive world, with dynamic component integration
  • Immersion in the users' perspective and the sharing of this experience

Numerous benefits

The platform serves to measure the impact of physical phenomena on a system. It reduces design and validation time and equipment expenditures. G-MASS broadens the spectrum of tests and provides earlier detection of inherent incompatibilities between different technical domains. It enables faster and more reliable user feedback, in order to define the adapted solution.

In the field

The areas of application are numerous: robotics, industry, eHealthcare, urbanisation and "smart cities". Prototypes are currently being used for tasks such as evaluation of noise pollution in urban environments, airport passenger traffic optimisation, sensor positioning simulation for preventative maintenance on structures in aircraft, trains, engineering works, etc.

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