From paper to digital in just one click

Leaving notes on a post-it, poster, sign or board is one of the more simple and direct methods that people use to communicate. Indeed, team meetings often need to use a white board to collect and organise ideas. Meetings of this kind often take place simultaneously, at sites separated by significant distances.
How can you bring together all of the information produced in these brainstorming sessions? By aggregating them in a digital table shared directly by means of mobile phones or tablets, where cameras serve to "record" these sources.

This is the role of Walling it, a software program that analyses and recognises different hand-written notes, classifies them according to size and colour and converts the words and symbols into their digital equivalents. Or, how to turn unstructured hand-written information into its digital equivalent and share it online, without re-entering the data or wasting time. This kind of sharing enables more collaborative management by means of technologies such as the Cloud. The numerous applications of Walling it will include directing meetings, facilitating brainstorming and visualisation, taking minutes and sharing information in real-time.


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The modelling and creation of Walling it required competencies in:

• Semantic models
• Artificial intelligence
• Shape detection and recognition
• Image analysis and processing
• Agile IT and web development
• Product life cycle methodologies and processes

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