In our increasingly connected digital world, global manufacturing companies are facing multitude challenges.

With 3D Printing or Additive Manufacturing (AM) services, we bring our customers advantages that are still possible in conventional manufacturing, such as freedom of design, product optimization and rapid prototyping, performance measures.

Our Solution

3D Printing services create a major breakthrough in Product Design and Manufacturing.

We enable our customers to address both business and technology dimensions of 3D Continuity including:

  • Consulting services across 3D modeling and printing
  • Training sessions
  • Methods & Tools
  • 3D model production services across both modeling and printing

Our services are dedicated to all industries : aerospace & defense, energy, healthcare, automotive, industry, consumer.

Your challenges 

  • Manage a manufacturing transformation by the adoption of 3D printing.
  • New design and production scheme.
  • Enhance benefits from this new design/manufacturing process
  • Ensure quality, repeatability, security

Your benefits

  • Increase the performance of your products with lighter (65%), more complex (reduction of number of parts), consumables designs,…
  • Shorten the production lead time by more of 90% 
  • Reduce costs
  • Accelerate prototyping and R&D design validation process

To find out more : download our 3D Printing Services brochure

3D Printing - Ready to Fly

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  • Londeix
    3D Printing Director
3D Printing Brochure
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