Did you know that Augmented Reality can support operators for the various stages of assembly and maintenance activities?

We offer to ease, secure, accelerate and enhance the efficiency of field operations.

The Augmented Worker solutions, applied to manufacturing or maintenance activities, enhance the quality inspection (‘as-built’ vs ‘as-designed’), the operating instructions follow-up and traceability on the field, the remote expertise and the guidance of operators (equipment identification, localization of operating areas).

Augmented Reality allow a real time access to virtual data localized in 3 dimensions in the field of view of operators. Equipment they have to work on are identified, operating areas are precisely localized and contextual digital data can be reached directly on-site. Technician can select and follow step by step an operating instruction, then validate each stage with traceability.

Combined with mobiles (tablets, smartphones) and hands-free (projectors, glasses) devices, Augmented Worker solutions aim to guarantee the accuracy and precision of manufacturing or maintenance operations, while at the same time improving the performance and the security of operators.

You challenges

  • Assembly and maintenance operations are becoming increasingly complex and have to be optimized with a means of reducing costs
  • The design office and the plant or operating site need to be linked more closely by using 3D designed data on the field to support operations
  • Operators need increasingly to be trained and industries require tools to reduce training time

Your Benefits

  • Lead & Training Time reduction for field operations
  • Reliability improvement, guarantees accuracy and precision of assembly and maintenance operations, avoid handling mistake
  • Knowledge Capitalization, harmonization of practices, improvement of operations traceability




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  • Embry Alexandre
    Embry Alexandre
    Augmented Reality & Mobile Applications Solution Leader
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