Sogeti High Tech's ergonomic and high performance tools enable it to support you throughout your analysis, interpretation and access to information. A veritable "information access platform" will be created enabling you to handle the large volume of heterogeneous information generated within the IS (structured and non-structured data, different formats, multiple sources).

Sogeti High Tech will provide you with effective decision-making and performance management solutions, in order to meet market and performance demands:

  • reactivity (reporting and analysis),
  • detailed and horizontal visibility (by process)
  • forecasting (budget and projected).

Our offer

We will be able to accompany you today and in the long term, throughout your decision-making and analytical projects. Over the past 15 years we have led over 200 projects concerning:

  • framework studies
  • the overall management of the complete decision-making chain,
  • in-service application support.

The applications entrusted to Sogeti High Tech cover a wide range of functional fields (control systems for management, purchasing, maintenance, trade, etc.).
Our services:

  • Indicator alignment, deployment and consolidation at all levels (operational performance)
  • Process management rationalisation, optimisation and reactivity via a cross-functional view of the indicators and a forward-looking vision (dashboard)
  • Analytical applications to assist managers and decision-makers (pertinence) and democratic access to KPI (Key Performance Indicators) and "report book" (open access and industrialisation).

Our key advantages

We have a particularly important Business Intelligence culture in the industrial and energy sectors, to respond to strong commitments and demands. Our key advantages are based on:

  • our experience, acquired through the implementation of over 200 projects.
  • our expertise in project management and delivery methods
  • our complete coverage of project problems and issues
  • our profession-based approach to the specificities of implementing decision-making systems
  • our mastery of the information chain from control-command all the way through to company management
  • our service continuum, from consulting to the long term implementation of the solution (third-party application maintenance, in-service support, etc.)

We place quality at the very heart of our services (technical certifications, project manager certification, general contracting certification issued by the French accreditation organisation CESI) and project success.

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