EAM - Enterprise Asset Management

In a context where competition is strong, the performance of an industrial facility constitutes a key issue for any company. The consequences of a dysfunction or a shut-down can often be significant. To guarantee the performance of your facilities, Sogeti High Tech has the expertise necessary to implement the methods and tools that ensure your equipment remains reliable; being serviced, up-dated and renewed at exactly the right moment.

Our offer

Active actor for some twenty years in Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) and industrial assets (EAM), Sogeti High Tech offers a complete range of services in order to support you throughout all your CMMS/EAM processes, from specialised consulting through to facilities management, including the integration of solutions such as IBM's MAXIMO and VENTYX's ASSET SUITE.

These solutions will assist you in ensuring the reliability of your industrial assets, improving their availability rate and prolonging their life. And to best meet your needs, Sogeti High Tech will intervene from the very beginning of your project, at the opportunity and framework study phases, including the drawing up of general and detailed specifications. We will study the suitability of the software for your specific professional needs and run design workshops to provide advice and feedback. We will then carry out the integration of the solution, adapting it not only to the specific context of your organisation but also linking it globally to the other tools peripheral to your information system.

Our key advantages

Our consultants are CMMS and EAM specialists. Having come from the maintenance profession they offer a robust expertise in market standards.

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