Through its activities in industrial markets, Sogeti High Tech has faced a variety of constraints in the field of "embedded software", including performances, criticality, reliability, availability, reactivity and costs (of computer development and production). These have different impacts according to the area of application.

Sogeti High Tech has analysed these constraints and the development processes associated with each sector in order to meet these challenges in a targeted manner. Capitalising on its experience, Sogeti High Tech has also developed its own development process in accordance with the regulations and standards in effect on the market, particularly in the area of cybersecurity applied to embedded information technology.

This expertise – associated with the industrialisation arising from the application of our development methods – offers our clients a decisive edge, which translates into a higher level of quality in implementations, controlled costs and consulting services.

Sogeti High Tech offers its embedded software services in several sectors (Aeronautics, Energy, Railway, Telecommunications, etc.) thanks to its centre of excellence, which puts an array of equipment, technology and human resources at your disposal.

Key advantages of our centre of excellence:

  • Specialised knowledge drawing from over 25 years of experience
  • Unique expertise in embedded software security
  • A community of consultants and experts
  • Management of projects with commitments in terms of results
  • A strategy for building and maintaining competencies (internal training courses, experts)
  • Test automation
  • A continuous improvement process (productivity, reactivity, robustness)
  • An integrated offshore approach ("one team")

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  • Kaouthar Krichen
    Kaouthar Krichen
    Embedded Software Offer Manager
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