Did you know that Flow Simulation contributes to Industrial Performance regardless of company size?

We provide capabilities to optimize industrial and logistic systems using a simulation-based iterative improvement method.

In a world where stringent costs reduction and manufacturing efficiency are chronically straining most of the supply chains, Manufacturing setups have become more complex. Industrial companies have to design Manufacturing systems for more agitily, fiability and efficiency. We are able to take up these challenges while providing high-quality services in 2 main domains:

  • Simulation-aided Factory Design (conception, modeling, consulting, flow management, plant layout and operations planning, line balancing, …),
  • Simulation-aided Improvement (Change management, decision support, time sequence, …).

Your challenges

  • How can material flows be optimized across every step of the value chain? (unnecessary material handling, inventories, transportation…)?
  • How to define the optimal configuration for new production systems and layouts based on key metrics such as costs, cycle times, equipment?
  • How to determine the best approach to optimizing performance (the right production schedules, redundant inspection and testing procedures…)?
  • How to establish the correct production throughput-toresource use ratio?
  • How to improve the overall manufacturing process flow (design, additional savings, risks, means…)?
  • How to evaluate the proposed changes (“whatif” scenarios, alternatives to significant capital or resource expenditures…)?

Your benefits

  • Rapid factory planning and design in a digital factory context
  • 3D visualization, interaction, immersion
  • Accelerated industrial system integration
  • Change Management
  • Validation of layout
  • Improved productivity of existing or new facilities
  • Reduced investments through early design error identification and solving
  • Reduced inventory and throughput time
  • Allow complex system optimization
  • Optimized manufacturing resources
  • Quick convergence to industrial target
  • Secure target & performances

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