ECM - enterprise content management

Faced with the substantial volume of heterogeneous information created within the IS (structured and non-structured data, heterogeneous formats, multiple sources), it is essential to accompany and support the analysis, interpretation of and access to this information, through the use of ergonomic high-performance tools and the creation of a veritable "information-access platform".

Sogeti High Tech, expert in industrial information technology particularly in the energy sector, is able to offer an ECM solution adapted to the particular needs of your business, one that is based essentially along 3 major lines:

  • operational data management,
  • document management,
  • the location and diffusion of information linked with collaborative spaces.

Our offer

To provide a response to your key document management issues such as: legislation, an increasing volume of information and budget constraints,...Sogeti High Tech :

  • define a clear and precise strategy for information access involving search, classification, navigation, diffusion and collaboration tools,
  • implement an efficient and effective management system, based on an analysis of the use and the nature of the information, in order to carry out a dynamic indexation of the data whilst fully respecting the constraints of confidentiality,
  • take a global look at the needs, taking into account the diversity of those affected by any given piece of information concerning their work (sales, production, finance, CRM, etc.) and their role given the life of this data.

In addition, to save time, improve security and reduce project costs, Sogeti High Tech will integrate content management system solutions that enable you to:

  • use one single, pre-configured management system, containing the pre-designed reference standard, flows and data models,
  • verify and validate the documentation received, convert it to the required format,
  • optimise searches and updates,
  • manage plans and drawings, and check that the documentation received from sub-contractors is « compatible for execution», verified, revised and up-to-date,
  • make the right information instantly available to the right person, in the right format and at the right time,
  • efficiently restructure the links between the documents
  • optimise document circulation,
  • strengthen the security of content management sites,
  • reduce the operating costs of document repositories,
  • avoid lost documents.

Our key advantages

Not only do we have the knowledge to run projects for industrial sites that are strictly regulated and monitored (nuclear, gas, chemical, etc.), but equally for construction sites (buildings, car parks, motorways, stadiums, etc.).

Our interventions mainly concern the management of documents within an interconnected information system and dedicated to engineering, industrial sites and services. We are able to offer a complete range of services: study, construction, operation, production and maintenance. 

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