erp - enterprise ressource planning

The veritable backbone of any company, the ERP system links all the company's different functions in order to:

  • speed-up data processing and execution;
  • standardise the functional processes;
  • facilitate exchanges within a given sector or a given community (company, suppliers, clients, partners, etc.).


Flawless integrated company management? It is possible, Sogeti High Tech proposes a horizontal ERP system based on 3 major technological solutions:

  • An SAP suite specially dedicated to production activities
  • Microsoft Dynamics AX for medium and large companies
  • Generix Collaborative Entreprise, designed for wholesale, retail and logistics companies.

Our offer


If you are looking to optimise your management system or improve the efficiency of your maintenance system, we have the expertise necessary to integrate the various modules from the SAP suite:

  • SAP PS (Project System)
  • SAP PP (Production Planning)
  • SAP PM (Plant Maintenance)
  • SAP CS (Customer Services)
  • Mobile solution for maintenance and after-sales service

These modules are widely used in the industrial, energy and service sectors. Sogeti High Tech, project specialist in these sectors, has the field experience and knowledge required for the implementation of SAP software.

Microsoft Dynamics AX

Sogeti High Tech, thanks to the strength of its profession-specific knowledge, is able to provide you with the support needed to ensure that you meet your objectives, and offers the following services:

  • audit, proof of concept, training, integration, third-party application maintenance
  • in the industrial, service, energy and utilities sectors.


We have a long experience and solid knowledge base in the methodology and industrialisation of projects concerning the migration and deployment of core models.

We are able to offer you the following services: audit, proof of concept, training, integration, third-party application maintenance

Our key advantages

Sogeti High Tech having an in-depth knowledge of each client's business and knowing how to obtain maximum value from their professional applications, such as maintenance planning, BI, monitoring.

The company possesses a pool of experts with the ability to run projects in their globality. Each phase of your project: the advisory stage, integration, management and specific developments will be entirely run by our project directors.

Finally,Sogeti High Tech possesses a real technological command of both open source and editor's solutions, and also develops numerous client-specific solutions.

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