Mobility and information systems

The working environment is evolving rapidly and mobile solutions have become essential, something that has become evident in everyday activities.
With our know-how concerning the integration of mobile, mapping and decision-making technologies, we can make all your actions possible:

  • prospecting new markets in even the most isolated places on the planet,
  • the geolocation of field workers,
  • the collection of data to make real-time decision-making easier,
  • an unplanned expatriation.

Our offer

We implement geospatial solutions that enable in-context access to data and specialised applications. We develop mobility and mapping solutions that enable information to be apprehended differently, whilst at the same time optimising its management and analysis.

We use a "co-construction" approach to respond to your functional needs. Starting at the advisory stage, we will support you throughout the process creating the project jointly, using your existing technology. We will then develop the most appropriate and innovate methods of execution, to ensure that your needs will be met. Methods such as:

  • innovative hybrid solutions;
  • the fusion of "traditional" and "indoor" mapping, to break away from the constraints of scale;
  • and spatial data management.

Our distinctive and pragmatic approach, that applies to all our offers, provides mobile solutions for the most complex of needs.

Our key advantages

Sogeti High Tech has an in-depth knowledge of its clients' business, knowing how to maximise their professional applications, such as maintenance, planning, BI, supervision.

The company possesses a pool of experts with the ability to run projects in their globality. Each phase of your project: the advisory stage, integration, management and specific developments will be entirely run by our project directors.

Finally, Sogeti High Tech possesses a real technological command of both open source and editor's solutions, and also develops a wide range of client-specific solutions.

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