The Internet of Things consists in extending this network to all things in the physical world. While communication over the Internet is in fact based on an IP layer that unifies all existing standards at a certain level, far from guaranteeing unified and secure communication between heterogeneous devices, the Internet of Things features protocols specific to different subfields.

Towards universal industrial communication

Therefore, Sogeti High Tech is developing software solutions to enable inter-device communications with less interaction, enabling interoperability between devices with different communications protocols. The software environment also guarantees the security of these devices, by means of development frameworks dedicated to security testing.

For this, our R&D centres in Grenoble and Toulouse are supported by the competencies of our experts in software engineering, algorithms, embedded systems, real-time operating systems, object-oriented programming (C++, Java), communication protocols, industrial networks and artificial intelligence.


"Agnostic" with respect to hardware platforms, technologies and languages, our research covers the full spectrum of object network usage: temperature and pressure detection, GPS or RFID monitoring for packages and vehicles, peripheral device control, advanced electrical grids, e-healthcare, multimedia, home automation, etc. By adapting our developments to the our clients' production and communication environments, the potential applications are limitless.

Our R&D teams are also developing the next generation of "zero-configuration" protocol stacks (DPWS) which make detection of devices and their embedded services autonomous, without prior human configuration.

The security of embedded systems is also part of our research, including perfection of a battery of Java security tests to assess the reliability of industrial equipment.

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