Did you know that the use of digital twin of your asset could reduce your operational costs and lead-time up to 50%?

We offer to Build, Update, Customize Digital World as a new way of working to streamline Physical World.

Capgemini’s Digital Twin aims to provide a virtual representation of your asset/product, all along its life cycle, with intelligent and dynamic data modeling. This knowledge basis will permanently enable to drive decisions in context and increase the level of efficiency of your global asset/product operations.
Capgemini proposes a complete “Digital Factory” to create, modify and customize this digital twin and maximize the benefits :

  • Benefit from a virtual representation to simulate, secure and shorten operational decisions process in context -> Streamline physical operations by virtual model.
  • Guarantee complete continuity and traceability in the management of the different cycle between “As Design” vs “as Built” vs “As Operate” which will reduce operations cost while increasing data accessibility and integrity.

Your Challenges

  • Align Technical data & Process across organization
  • Bridge gaps on complete lifecycle to improve Product – Asset / Process / Resources collaboration.
  • Customize Virtual Applications & Scenarios enabling and securing profitable decisions for Physical World.

Your benefits 

  • Operational efficiency: decrease over costs, redundancy, reworks / reduce lead-time / leverage collaboration
  • Customization: From Virtual visit, through Operations scenario simulation to Augmented Operator

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    Frank Pacou
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