MES - Manufacturing Execution Systems

In a context that is highly competitive, the industrial information system is one of the key elements enabling a company to improve its industrial performance.
Sogeti High Tech has a long experience in Manufacturing Execution Systems and has implemented an offer dedicated to helping industrial companies meet the challenges they face.

Our offer

Our Manufacturing Execution System (MES) is situated at the very heart of production activities. Sogeti High Tech offers services that cover the entire perimeter of an industrial project: preliminary studies, the advisory stage, integration and deployment, right up to applicative and operational information management.

Experienced in production optimisation, we put the accent on support, with services providing assistance for both general contracting and project management. It is important, right from the initial design phase, to ensure that the solution is in line with the profession-specific objectives sought.

Sogeti High Tech divides the Manufacturing Execution System into five target elements:


The MES covers the complete implementation of projects just as it covers the planning and development of production management systems. We have the necessary skills available to ensure a true continuity of service, from initial consultancy through to information management. Thanks to its proven project management methods, Sogeti High Tech can also undertake the creation of turn-key projects.

 Our key advantages

Sogeti High Tech's culture, expertise and know-how enable it to undertake major industrial information systems projects for SMIs and international groups. The company has a strong capacity for innovation, developing R&D projects and assuring continuous technological monitoring.
In addition, you will be able to benefit from our knowledge concerning the specific demands confronted by those industries faced with major regulatory constraints (the nuclear sector, for example).
Sogeti High Tech offers a service continuum, from framework studies all the way to in-service support. Sogeti High Tech masters:

  • the application chain specific to industrial Information Systems: control-command, monitoring, production IT, technological foundations (architecture, security, operation, etc.) guaranteeing the performance and the robustness of the industrial IS,
  • the principal software packages on the market (APRISO FlexNet, SCHNEIDER Wonderware, OSIsoft, AspenTech, etc.).

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