Maintaining a competitive edge is a key challenge for industrial companies.
To reply to market needs, Sogeti High Tech is able to offer:

  • a reduction in cycle times and costs,
  • a strengthening of collaboration in international contexts,
  • safety and traceability,
  • configuration management,
  • improvements in quality, etc.

Sogeti High Tech intervenes globally, covering a broad spectrum of project dimensions including both the organisational and profession-specific (processes) and the technological (solutions). From design engineering at the beginning of the cycle, to re-cycling or up-cycling at the end, Sogeti High Tech supports its clients throughout the construction and in-service maintenance of a PLM information system for the extended enterprise.

Our offer

Our Plant Life-cycle Management offer supports the creation and in-service maintenance of products and factories throughout their life-cycle, from drawing-up the specifications to end of life.

PLM includes: CAD, simulation, digital modelling, the digital factory and product data management (PDM). We provide a complete PLM offer and are therefore able to address each phase of your project:

  • Define: preliminary study, opportunity, framework, return on investment (ROI), business process reengineering (BPR)
  • Design: general contracting support, quality standards, functional specifications
  • Build: technical specifications, parametrisation, development, acceptance testing, project management
  • Run: Third Party Application Management, customer support
  • Change management, run horizontally across the different phases of a project

This offer is a response to the challenges confronted by:

  • manufacturing industries' (automobile, aerospace, industrial products) design and methods departments
  • facility and factory engineering

Our key advantages

Sogeti High Tech has a recognised expertise in facilities engineering, having carried out a large number of projects in the energy sector, amongst others, with a strong position amongst engineering specialists and, over a long period, has become solidly placed in the marine and automobile industries. Sogeti High Tech develops innovative PLM solutions which are unique in the market. We have very robust skills concerning tools such as Enovia from Dassault Systèmes, Siemens' Teamcenter, Windchill from PTC Aveva, Intergraph, Bentley, etc. in addition to our large team of PLM specialists.

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  • Nicolas Croué
    Nicolas Croué
    Head of PLM Team & Activities
Our Product Lifecycle Management solutions
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