Sogeti High Tech simulation services enable businesses to offer a wide range of simulation services in the areas of mechanics and maintenance operations and even manufacturing processes. Prompt and precise calculations facilitate optimised management, following the example of PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) methods. Moreover, Sogeti High Tech offers unique expertise in simulation system integration.


The Sogeti High Tech simulation centre supports you with consulting, research & development and training services, throughout your entire simulation process.

  • Integration of specialised knowledge by creating parametric components

These components, built with new knowledgeware tools, embed the specialised design and network configuration knowledge. Based on CAD network configuration, these components can be used for static and dynamic, linear and non-linear, thermal and impact studies.

  • Integration of calculation processes, including systematic validation steps. Outsourced simulation software development if needed.
  • Implementation of effective Simulation Data Management (SDM) enabling rapid access to data as well as sharing these data between multiple areas of specialisation, among other things.

Optimisation: the above building blocks pave the way for multidisciplinary, multi-level and multi-objective analyses as well as robust analysis.

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  • Jean-Michel Frey
    Jean-Michel Frey
    Simulation Manager
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