For over 25 years now, Sogeti High Tech has been contributing to professionalisation and industrialisation of system and application testing solutions.
Sogeti High Tech is the only company in possession of such broad expertise, encompassing both software and physical trials.

This activity has been recognised as an area of specialisation in its own right and is structured around 5 main profiles:

  • The Test Analyst is a specialist in the definition of test cases and scenarios and their execution and analysis
  • The Test Operation Leader finalises the details of the test plan and participates in the organisation
  • The Test Leader, a specialist in testing techniques, manages the project. Often the technical project manager or test campaign manager, this person ensures the relevance of the test findings
  • The Test Architect carries out strategic or complex test missions and deploys the test evaluations and strategy
  • The Expert leads communities of competences, participates in events and provides expertise in testing strategies or methods

This professionalisation of testing specialisations, associated with industrialisation, offers our clients a decisive edge

Our objective is to reduce risks and make lasting improvements in the quality of your systems and applications. The Business-Driven Test Management (BDTM) approach offered with TMap® Next enables integration of your budgetary, timeframe and resource constraints.

Our solutions range from test process maturity auditing to complete outsourcing of testing activity for:

  • TMap® (Test Management approach): Development of a test or trial strategy, drafting of a master test plan, planning and management of test activities. TMap® is a Capgemini Sogeti group method. More information on :
  • TPI® (Test Process Improvement): Analysis of the level of maturity of your test process and proposal for an improvement project.
  • MTS (Managed Testing Services): Testing industrialisation model for total integration of all tests and trials.
  • Cloud Testing: Cloud model adapted to testing, with on-demand testing services (Testing as a Service – TaaS).

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