Did you know that Virtual Engineering could enhance product development on Complex system such as a Super Tanker?”

Virtual Engineering through MBSE approach (Modelization, Simulation, Virtual testing and modular prototyping) is the enabler to accelerate product development cycle time and to ensure digital continuity from concept & design to physical prototypes (3D printing) and manufacturing.


Digital continuity and data interconnection bring significant competitive advantage for product development and production.
Sogeti High Tech invests to define future development processes and methodologies for System Engineering through Tanker digital twin POC featuring the added value of Virtual Engineering using MBSE approach :

  • A complex system of system (Super Tanker) with physical and environmental interactions
  • A simulation core
  • Ecosystem integration

Your challenges

  • Time to Market
  • Product cost, performance and quality
  • New technology integration to innovation
  • Collaborative & Global environment

Your benefits

  • Efficient Management of product line roadmap by platforming /modular approach
  • Effective Decision Making by Modeling & simulating complex behavior
  • Fast Assessment of technical solution performance, cost and impact prior to build by anticipating and verifying
  • Reducing inconsistencies by model sharing in global environment


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Virtual Engineering
Virtual Engineering supported by Model Based approach