Defence and National Security: sovereignty, industries and technologies

The start of the 21st century was marked by international political uncertainties and conflicts that required the deployment of joint forces in foreign theatres in order to preserve national security and their vital interests.

The French Military Programming Act 2014 sets the priorities for national defence for the next five years and commits France to a defined model for its armed forces until 2020. France must preserve its standing with innovative means in order to ensure information and command, logistics and deployment of airborne and naval forces in foreign operations with vehicles better adapted to the conflicts of the 21st century. Intelligence and cybersecurity are also national priorities.

Contributing to the operational efficiency of the defence and security forces

For over 25 years, Sogeti High Tech has remained the preferred partner for the Industrial sector in critical environments. Its different clients within the Ministry of Defence are able to benefit from its unique experience in the deployment of mobile information systems where security has to meet the particularly strong constraints imposed by the theatres of operation encountered by the armed forces. 

Our solutions notably meet the needs of intelligence officers, offering a proven range of tools capable of orchestrating the reception, extraction, exploitation, analysis and dissemination of all types of information.

Sogeti High Tech is an active member of the MAJIIC community within the North Atlantic Alliance.

Based on its study of civil systems (automobile, aerospace, energy transport, transport networks and nuclear power stations), Sogeti High Tech promotes CCSS concepts (Control-Command Systems Security). It continues to push forward the limits of the current information systems security guides by addressing the specificities of the systems affecting the physical processes or subject to reflex time constraints, as Weapons Systems are for example.

Expertise in the field of intelligence and recognised know-how in running technical-operational studies

Conscious that controlling information and its dissemination represent major challenges for the armed forces, Euriware is becoming ever-more firmly established in the OCIS (Operational and Command Information Systems) sector. The company has built a solid foundation with its clients by providing technologically innovative solutions, dedicated engineering talent and services that have been developed from the best civil technologies suitable for military use.

In an increasingly threatening and unpredictable world, the armed forces continue to modernise. This is where the development of technologies enabling the creation of more effective equipment and intervention systems takes on its fullest meaning, becoming a major element in resolving security issues.

The solutions we offer assist in controlling the circulation of information, improving network security and in decision-making, contributing to the efficiency of the armed forces.

Our added value

Sogeti High Tech provides specialised engineers in a wide array of fields and facilitates the high degree of multidisciplinary synergies inherent to the Defence sector.

Its expertise and synergies enable Sogeti High Tech to take action in production cycles (such as the V-model), adapt industrial Product Life Management concepts to in-service support in order to maximise the service life of our armed forces' equipment and enable interoperability with our allies.

Finally, Sogeti High Tech is a leader in embedded Internet and is playing a key role in the digitisation of fields of operation and military information systems with regard to smart objects.

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