Reinvent an energy balance and secure access to financing

Today, companies in the Energy sector are facing enormous challenges: improving their environmental record, maintaining low rates and ensuring grid reliability.

Today and into the future, the Energy sector faces a formidable challenge: it must continue to support economic and industrial development, demographic growth and increases in the standard of living, while at the same time also maintaining an energy balance while resources – especially fossil fields – are growing increasingly scarce and expensive.

That is why this sector needs major investments. Over the next ten years, securing capital and access to new sources of financing should be at the forefront of company strategies.

Thanks to our experience in technological innovation, Sogeti High Tech is a key player in these areas and an active participant in meeting this challenge. Mastery of innovation is a critical tool in order to enable accelerated development of new energy sources and further boost the competitiveness of the nuclear and traditional segments.

Knowledge and expertise to protect the environment

Sogeti High Tech is a trendsetter in such sensitive areas as the design and dismantlement of nuclear power plants, safety for scheduled unit shutdowns and even optimisation and development of transmission and distribution systems. The engineers at Sogeti High Tech have achieved perfect mastery of the management tools for this industrial sector (planning, safety, etc.). All of the actions taken are in compliance with the required quality thresholds, budgets and deadlines.

Sogeti High Tech develops digital technologies in the area of augmented reality to facilitate operations in at-risk areas.

Sogeti High Tech designs industrial supervision tools needed to measure temperatures, pressures and vibrations in devices present on the sites and in the transmission system. The analysis of the data enables us to provide predictive maintenance for equipment and guarantee maximum availability.

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