Our DNA is industrial

Sogeti High Tech stands out through its real industrial culture. Our wealth of experience in this market,Sogeti High Tech gives us a unique know-how enabling us to produce pertinent solutions adapted to the major industries. Our objective is to work closely with our clients, such that targeted, one-off achievements become global and long-term.

Solid skills at the service of operational performance

  • A command of major industrial projects, particularly in the implementation of PLMEAM and MES  solutions adapted to the sector-specific demands of our clients
  • The capacity to handle information flows, from the sensor to the financial reporting tool
  • R&D activities appropriate to the problems encountered by industrial companies: predictive maintenance, industrial cybersecurity, digital factory, etc.
  • A structure dedicated to the industrial sector, to support its clients as they work towards operational excellence
  • Traceability, safety and security all benefit from the most demanding standards


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