A growing sector that is constantly striving for optimisation

The railway transport market is being driven by projects to modernise the current rolling stock and develop collective transport in certain parts of Europe. Now more than ever, the opening up to competition, environmental constraints and increased traffic density are prompting rail infrastructure and equipment manufacturers (trains, tramways, underground trains, signalling) and operators to examine the optimisation, safety and quality of their rolling stock and infrastructure.

This progress is being supported, in particular, by the relevance of railway and urban modes of transport in meeting sustainable development challenges (environmental protection, energy conservation) and by stimulus programmes based on infrastructure network optimisation and development.

As a partner starting from the design phase up to maintenance and operations, and a global leader in the testing and validation of complex equipment, Sogeti High Tech supports the major industrial players on the European railway market. The company enjoys support from our centres of excellence for industrialised testing and design, including offshore.

Supporting the operators in the transformation of their business

Sogeti High Tech supports the transport network operators in the transformation of their business. The stakes are high, particularly in the rail sector with the opening of the railways to competition, planned for 2019. In this context, it is essential for operators to optimise their costs, particularly maintenance costs that have proved to be high.

A long term collaboration with transport operators

Sogeti High Tech offers operators support in optimising their information systems and thus reducing their costs. Our dedicated transport sector team will intervene effectively from the very beginning of any project, ensuring contractor support services and working with our clients to create the most appropriate solution to meet their objectives. We ensure the integration of maintenance management systems and ensure that they remain operational. The loyalty of our clients represents the foremost proof of our expertise in this field.

Mastery of railway competencies

Consulting-Management-Organisation: value management; product life cycle optimisation; design-to-cost; lean engineering; organisational development towards operating procedures in outsourcing service centres; implementation of transformation programmes.

Physical engineering: simplified and detailed preliminary drafts for complex electrical and mechanical systems; digital assembly and modelling; digital design; special tool design and support for rolling stock design, from the structure (dimensioning, design and development) to interior design.

Software testing: 

  • Unit tests, integration tests, functional tests, code analysis
  • Tests on rolling stock or infrastructure; mechanical, electrical and software trials, on test rings then on railways
  • Specifications, design, development and validation of physical or virtual testing systems
  • Validation of command-control and traction software on digital simulators  and test benches 

System engineering: automated train traffic supervision, management and signalling (Automatic Train Control, Automatic Train Supervision, passenger information system, special middleware); support for control system design (Train Control Monitoring System).

Software engineering: real-time system control; critical SIL software; software engineering; simulation and modelling; signal processing; information system; embedded software; data acquisition and mastery of key information technology. 

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