Space: a value-added sector in the context of mounting international competition

The global market for launchers alone accounts for 270 billion dollars a year. In the relevant sectors, a 1-to-20 ratio has been identified between the capital invested and the returns.

In the area of Defence, the space sector provides armed forces with the technical capacities to meet their needs for Imagery Intelligence (IMINT) and Signals Intelligence (SIGINT), which is a priority of the 2013 Defence White Paper.

Telecoms and the media are enjoying increases in their speed, quality and global coverage. Navigation has improved thanks to constant advances in geolocation systems and the US GPS in the Galileo programme of the ESA (European Space Agency).

The Space sector is producing innovations in optics, originating from the need for precision in astronomy and astrophysics, such as detection of exoplanets.

Finally, Environmental and Life Sciences benefit from this sector thanks to Earth observation missions to collect more complete meteorological and climate data.

Sogeti High Tech, a partner to the space sector

Sogeti High Tech, a leader in Technology Consulting and Engineering, brings together a large group of engineers perfectly tailored to meet the needs of this sector, in particular its multidisciplinary needs.

Sogeti High Tech's clients know that they can benefit from our expertise, from the design phase to the end of the product or system cycle, in order to consistently maximise the returns on their successes.

Our expertise in Physical Engineering (mechanical, thermal, etc.) allows us to meet our clients' needs for the design of special parts, while our expertise in digital simulation can verify system behaviours.

Sogeti High Tech is also recognised for its leadership in Software Engineering, for its management of ground segments of satellite systems and for the design of embedded software. Finally, Sogeti High Tech shares its expertise in avionics systems, particularly in the latest generation of simulators. Sogeti High Tech's success is related to its strategy of establishing itself as close as possible to competitive clusters with close ties to the Space sector, such as in Toulouse as a member of the Aerospace Valley and in Ile-de-France, Bordeaux and Grenoble in the Minalogic cluster for nanotech, which is vital to this sector.

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