Keeping pace with innovation and competition

Technology choices, cost control and the capacity to innovate pose challenges in the Telecom & Media sector.

The Telecom & Media sector has seen rapid and far-reaching development under the combined impact of the telecom/Internet/multimedia convergence and constant technological innovation (4G, FTTH, WebRTC, VoLTE).

The investments needed over the next 15 years, particularly for fibre-optics, are estimated at nearly €100 billion.

At this stage of market maturity, the intensification of competition and the growth in demand for new services play a major role.

Reduction in time-to-market and costs, improvement of customer knowledge and service quality, innovation in new services (M2M, ATAWAD, NFV/SDN, etc.): all of these factors are placing pressure on the players in these segments and increasingly requiring them to bet on the drivers of innovation and cost control.

Added value

Sogeti High Tech's mastery of various fields has enabled the creation of lasting and dynamic partnerships in the Telecom & Media sector. One of Sogeti High Tech's distinguishing features lies in the area of Software Development and Testing.

For Testing, our solutions range from test process maturity auditing to complete outsourcing of testing activity for: TMAP®, TPI®, TEPS®.

For Software Development, Sogeti High Tech has advanced knowledge of embedded information systems (for STBs, IADs and service platforms) as well as in the development of specialised software and support (general contracting and project management).

Sogeti High Tech also distinguished itself with its special service packages: first and foremost its Security Package (Inventory of production or network risks, development of secured software, intrusion test, etc.), the Internet of Things Package (eObject solutions) and finally Big Data (modelling algorithm, diagnostic tools, preventative analysis, the EALIS solution).

Our service centres also enable flat-rate pricing for projects and the acceptance and performance of outsourced activities.

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