Sogeti High Tech

For 40 years now, innovation has been the driving force behind the growth of the Capgemini Group and Sogeti. Sogeti High Tech has been a major player for over 25 years on the European engineering and technology consulting markets. Sogeti High Tech has an international presence in all of the major dynamic regions. Our presence in France comprises nearly 4000 employees spread throughout the country. Through our organization, we define ourselves as a global player capable of providing both technological experience and a project management model adapted to the competitive demands of all players in the industry all around the world. In Europe, we are one of the privileged partners of the aerospace sector. SHT has also established itself in the Defense, Energy, Telecom & Media, Transport and Life Sciences industries. In order to better meet market demands, Sogeti High Tech developed a broad knowledge base supported by its R&D department, High Tech Labs, a veritable breeding ground for innovations. We are developing and industrializing solutions with a high degree of added value in the areas of the Internet of Things, collaborative multi-agent systems, Big Data and cyber security.
Sogeti High Tech is among the top five market leaders in Engineering and Technology Consulting Services, and undertake major technical and engineering innovation projects for the R&D departments of global industrial firms. Sogeti High Tech has an expertise in systems engineering, industrial physics, testing & industrial services.
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LT Calcoli

The Company was founded in 1996, finalizing a long experience in electromagnetic analysis gained at ENEA (National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development), with the intention of creating a society consultancy specialized in electromagnetic analysis that responds primarily to the needs of the research centers of ENEA. Gradually, the activities were extended to other areas of computer simulation in structural mechanics and fluid dynamics.
The company is constantly growing and has its operational headquarters in Merate (Lecco), very close to Milan, the center of gravity of the Italian industry.
LT Calcoli offers its digital simulation services using the finite element method.
The numerical analysis with these methods has been widely used for many years in the automotive, aviation, aerospace and manufacturing industries as an integral part of their design process.
LT Calcoli works with national and international partners involved in scientific research, such as universities and scientific organizations. His expertise is constantly maintained at high levels. This allows to LT Calcoli to analyze alternatives and to propose innovating solutions. The expertise in digital technologies acquired by LTCalcoli allows dealing with a wide variety of problems, both linked to support for the standard design phase and applied research for small, medium and large industries.
Numerical simulation activities may be supplemented by the preparation of prototypes to verify that the product features to meet the needs of the project.
LTCalcoli owns technology patents, both national and international.
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SeaTech - Ecole d'ingénieurs

The University of Toulon (UTLN) has a leading activity in marine sciences. The team is involved between a leading engineering school dedicated to Marine Sciences, SeaTech, and the Mediterranean Institute of Oceanography (MIO - UM110). This laboratory depends on UTLN and Aix-Marseille University (AMU). It also depends on CNRS/INSU and IRD. MIO is a multi-disciplinary marine research institute involving more than 200 scientists. The institute consists of 5 research teams, which share the goal of better understanding the oceanic system and its evolution in response to global changes.
The OPLC team (Oceanographie Physique, Littorale et Côtière) is the physical oceanography team in which research activities on wave and sediment dynamics form a significant part. MIO researchers involved in the project are J.Touboul (MCF) and V.Rey (PR). Most of their research work aims to understand, by means of laboratory and field experiments as well as theoretical and numerical modeling, the small-scale physical processes governing the nearshore hydrodynamics: wave transformation (propagation, breaking, and interaction with currents, bathymetry and submerged structures, energy transfers).
En savoir plus : http://www.seatech.fr/


National Technical University of Athens

National Technical University of Athens is the oldest technical university in Greece covering all engineering disciplines.
NTUA is involved as prime or major contractor in national / international research projects funded by both private and public sector companies. Among other areas of excellence at the School of Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering (NAME-NTUA) the following are identified: energy and environment, marine renewable energy and green ships. The Ship and Marine Hydrodynamics Laboratory of the NAME-NTUA, has been involved in research concerning wave modeling and wave transformation, coastal hydrodynamics, ocean wave statistics, stochastic modeling of wave climate, wave energy, remote sensing, marine geographical information systems.
En savoir plus : http://www.ntua.gr/index_en.html


De Pretto Industrie 

De Pretto Industry was established in Schio, (VI), where Silvio De Pretto started a Foundry in 1885 initially repairing looms but soon after begins producing innovative and efficient Hydraulic Turbines and Paper Machines.
The company merged with Escher Wyss of Zurich in 1920, to have the financial resources to restart the business after the First World War, and further consolidated its production in the hydraulic turbine, paper machinery and thermal turbo machinery fields.
In 1969 Escher Wyss merged with the Swiss Sulzer Group of Winterthur, bringing considerable technological development and research applications. Finally in 2001 GHH BORSIG acquired Sulzer Turbo branch where De Pretto was active creating a new group: MAN Diesel & Turbo.
In 2010, De Pretto Industrie celebrated its 125th anniversary, the same year in which SELINK S.p.a. (a holding of FOC Ciscato S.p.a.) acquired shares of MAN Turbo and consequently changed the name of the company to De Pretto Industrie S.r.l. Over its long history, the company has always played an important role in the energy sector, initially in the engineering and production of hydraulic turbines and later in steam turbines and turbo compressors. Many things have contributed to such success, but there was one factor in particular: a close tie with the original values of the company; values that the employees, the corporate settings, and the community of Schio have consistently believed in since 1885. We all share a positive vision of the future with people, a commitment to understand and deal with economic and social challenges with high standards and expert skills.
Today De Pretto Industry relies on the experience it has gained in more than 135 years of history, collaborating with the leading companies working in this sector to manufacture turbo machinery and related parts. But we go even further than this: today De Pretto Industry presents itself as a company capable of offering its Clients an even greater range of services and products, revitalizing and relying on specific skills and know-how gained in over more than a century of manufacturing.
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CRTEn - Technopôle de Borj Cedria

The Research and Technology Center of Energy (CRTEn) is a research & development structure depending on the Tunisian Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research (MESRS). The CRTEn is a technological platform aiming to achieve R&D and pilot projects in order to promote and support the development of innovative companies working in the various energy sectors, particularly those related to new and renewable energies. The CRTEn also contributes in an effective way to post-graduate formation. CRTEn have developed expertise in Renewable Energy topics and their applications. With its focus on engineering, CRTEn team is also engaged in optimizing technologies to reduce their costs and integrate them to local context. The mission of the CRTEn is also to be an official consultant to help the national stakeholders in the choice of renewable energy solutions. CRTEn has a proven track record in international collaboration, has been developing cooperation mainly with European countries, MENA countries and Japan. The CRTEn is partner in some EU projects.
En savoir plus : http://www.crten.rnrt.tn/accueil_en.php

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