cyber security offerings      - an overview

We offer a full range of Cyber Security offerings.

1. Cyber Security GRC & Compliance:
Assessment of IT organization to identify risks & vulnerability (audit) & provide balanced risk/cost analysis with standards & regulations (security policy)

2. Cyber Security Transformation, Architect integration:
Capacity to provide secured IT architecture and to develop safe, powerful, interoperable infrastructures by integrating technical bricks & security solutions to the system.

3. Cyber Security Testing, Assessment/ Audit, Pentest:
Stressing out vulnerability/flaws in IT security (infrastructures & applications) to protect data and ensure IT security functionality and operability.

4. Cyber security Managed Services, SOC & Analytics, Remediation Forensics:
Providing real-time analysis, alerts and managed services (monitoring, tracking, investigation) and investigation following a cybercrime to identify the incident & ensure information system /device recovery.

Our Security Views

Based on our experience with customers across multiple industries worldwide, we are convinced that:

  • Management is expecting practical and cost effective solutions to cyber risks, both for their internal IT, as well as for the industrial systems (ICS and SCADA), and the products and services that are delivered including: embedded software, Cloud platforms, engineering and integrated manufacturing systems between partners.
  • Organizations are facing strategic and economic issues regarding cyber security. Answers are technological, regulatory and organizational as well as cultural and behavioral.
  • Cyberattacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated. The Security Operations Centers (SOC) must strengthen their capacity for data analytics, including vertical knowledge.
  • Application development and infrastructure management should systematically integrate a security dimension (e.g. static and dynamic testing).
  • Technological knowledge is a key success factor that depends on consequent investments in R&D and partnerships with the major actors of the market.

With our many experts and our service portfolio within Cyber Security Sogeti is a strong and secure partner as you and your organization faces your Cyber Security challenges.

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