development and testing of embedded systems

Rapidly transform products into services through end-to-end development and testing of your embedded systems.

Achieve the functionality, user experience and compliance you need by rapidly transforming products into services through our end-to-end development and testing services of your embedded systems.

An Industrialized Testing Process

Testing identifies gaps between the actual and desired status of your embedded systems. By automating test processes, you greatly speed up time-to-market and quickly transform your products into services.

Right Skills, Right Location, Right Time
We develop, verify and provide testing services for your embedded engineering systems, devices and software to ensure your products and systems deliver the functionality, user experience and compliance you need. We cover your complete system architecture, including:

  • Design
  • Coding
  • Testing
  • Support


  • Reduced top-level and operational costs
  • Faster time-to-market through our TAKT Engine , a proprietary automation solution that doubles test productivity
  • Enhanced software quality and user satisfaction
  • Greater IT quality assurance and testing insight

Global Embedded Capability

We are a global leader in testing services with more than 12,000 testing professionals worldwide. Over 300 engineers specializing in embedded systems serve the following industries:

  • Transportation (Aerospace, Automotive, Railways and Trucks and Off Highway)
  • Industrial products
  • Energy

Our proprietary TMap® testing methodology offers a risk-based test approach that prevents and detects defects at an early stage. We rely on our Rightshore® delivery approach to provide an incremental roadmap to test, build and run end-to-end solutions through onshore, nearshore and offshore locations.

To learn how we can speed up development and testing of your embedded systems, contact our experts today.

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